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Saturday - 11:00 am to 4:00 pm - Exhibit Hall Closed for Judging

Exhibit Hall Rules

1. Read and follow the General Fair Rules.

2. All exhibits must have been completed or harvested in the last year. 
Exhibits cannot have been exhibited in the previous years in the Baker County Fair - Halfway. 

3. An age group must be indicated on both the entry form and exhibit tag by the following Capital letters.   

Exhibit Hall Age Groups

S: Seniors, 70 or over *Light Blue Tags
A: Adults, 20-69 *Yellow Tags
T: Teens, 13-19 *Green Tags
J: Juniors, 6-12  *Pink Tags
SF: Small Fry (0-5 Arts & Crafts only) *Orange Tags
P: Professionals: Persons who sell their work or accept money to instruct someone in their profession.  (Items may not be marked for sale) *White Tags
Note: Leaving the discretion as to being professional to the exhibitor

4.  Exhibitors must enter items in correct classes according to the premium list and tag color designated for your age group. Items in incorrect classes may not a be judged. Entries are the sole responsibility of the exhibitor.

5.  Exhibitors of items they exhibit must be neat and clean. There will always be a superintendent available for any questions regarding your exhibits.

6.  Exhibits can be entered on Friday before fair at 3:30 PM to 7:30 PM and Saturday morning from 7:30 AM to 11:00 AM. 
(Judging begins at 11:00 AM.  Exhibit Hall is closed for judging 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM)

7.  Read and follow the rules for the individual divisions.


Exhibit Booth Awards
1st place - $30  2nd place - $20 3rd place - $10

Most Creative Veggie Contest
Best of Junior/Teen - $15.00
Best of Adult/Senior - $15.00

One Judges Choice Award in each department receives $15.00
Age Group Sweepstakes Winners in each department receive a ribbon
Junior/Teen *Either a Junior or Teen hi-point winner receives $15.00 in each department
Adult/Senior *Either an Adult or Senior hi-point winner receives $15.00 in each department

Over-All-Hi-point Winner (all departments totaled)
Junior/Teen Hi-point winner receives $50.00
Adult/Senior Hi-point winner receives $50.00
Please note changes to the Sweepstakes winners. We hope to encourage the youth to bring their exhibits to the exhibit hall. We would like to see the exhibit hall full of your exhibits!!!!

Pick up exhibits from exhibit hall between 3-4:30 PM Monday. Exhibits may also be picked up Tuesday, from 12-2 PM

For more information about the Exhibit Hall and to receive an exhibitor number, please call Fair Manager, Rusti Lattin or Brandi Sangster 541-893-6111

Exhibit Entry Form
(Double Click to Open & Print Documents) 

Division L
FRESH FOODS ~ Division M
Food Preservation~
Division N
Land Products~
Division O
Division P
Division Q

Class 4

1.  Patchwork Quilt - Any size arrangement using as many different flower species and flower colors as you can.

2.  Blazing Summer Sunset - Any size arrangement using red, yellow and orange fresh flowers.

3. Snow Peak - A tall arrangement using white flowers and foliage.

4.  Herbal essence - An arrangement of fresh herbs, ornamental and/or culinary.

5. Small Gems - Miniature arrangement of fresh flowers, no larger than 8 inches overall in size.

6. Seeds of the Future - Any size arrangement of flowers that return each year to your flower beds.​

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