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Baker County Fair & Rodeo Halfway
2024 Rodeo Court
2025 Rodeo Court Try-outs
Sunday, September 15, 2024
Information, please call court advisor
Katy Thomas - (541) 805-9682

This schedule is subject to change

2024 Halfway Rodeo Court
SR Queen McKenna Thomas, SR Princess Ellerie Waller
 JR Queen Jodi Miller, JR Princess Emma Gallimore
Sr Princess Ellerie Waller  I am 14 years old and in 8th grade at Pine Eagle Charter School. I participate in FFA, volleyball, and my favorite sport basketball. I’m also the Vice President for our Greenhand FFA Chapter and am part of the Middle School Leadership. My parents are Courtney and David Waller. I have 4 younger siblings, 3 brothers, and a sister. My family has helped me a lot to participate in all the things that I do and has supported me in becoming the Senior Princess. My friends and family have always been there to encourage me and help me through things that I thought were impossible. I now encourage my brothers and sister to never give up and try their hardest.
   This year I have an amazing quarter horse named Cake Pop. Cake Pop was a fantastic court horse last year and I hope that she will be able to spend this summer with me again. I believe that I can be a good representative for both courts this year and I’m aiming to become a more confident rider and participate in barrel racing. While also showing sheep for the first time at the fair.
   I can’t wait to spend this year with 3 great friends, Kodi Miller, MaKenna Thomas, and Emma Gallimore. They are always there to help me and I’m always there to help them. I am so happy to be on the Halfway Rodeo Court with these three amazing friends that I have. I already love my court adviser Katy Thomas. She is a really good leader and is always understanding. She understands my personality and helps answer my questions.
   I will try my hardest to be the best representative for the Hells Canyon Jr. Rodeo and Baker County Fair and Rodeo [Halfway]. I hope to make many memories with my amazing friends, family, court advisor, and my horse. I hope to have another amazing year.
Thank You!
Sr Princess Ellerie Waller
Sr Queen MaKenna Thomas
Jr Queen Kodi Miller
Jr Princess Emma Gallimore
​Sr Queen MaKenna Thomas  I proudly represent the 67th Hells Canyon Jr Rodeo and 103 years of the Baker County Fair and Rodeo [Halfway].  I am a 13-year-old 7th grader at Pine Eagle Charter School.  Halfway Oregon is where I call home living here with my parents Derral and Katy Thomas as well as my younger sister Kaylee.  I live on a cattle ranch which has taught me work ethic, management, fence fixing, how to work cattle, and much more.
   I am very active in FFA, volleyball, basketball, and softball.  In FFA I show market lambs and breeding ewes.  Volleyball, basketball, and softball have taught me the value of hard work, teamwork, and being part of a team that grows your character in many ways.  As the 2022 Jr Queen of the Hells Canyon Jr Rodeo and the 2023 Jr Queen of the Baker County Fair and Rodeo [Halfway] have taught me how to be a better public speaker and confident.  Being active in all these sports and leadership roles I have kids looking up to me constantly and I want to be a role model that they can feel confident to look up to.
   I have gotten lucky enough to have found my dream horse, Bonnie.  She is an 8-year-old bay roan mare AQHA quarter horse.  When I tried out for this title a judge asked me,  "If your horse was a Disney character what would it be?"  I said Winnie the Pooh because she is all about food just like Winnie is all about honey.  Bonnie and I like to got on trail rides, move cows, participate in rodeos, and brand calves.
   I would like to thank all the people in my life who support me through thick and thin and who have helped me become the person I am today who is proudly representing the 67th Hells Canyon Jr Rodeo and the 103 years of the Baker County Fair and Rodeo [Halfway].  I am looking forward to seeing all of you at the 2024 Hells Canyon Jr Rodeo and the Baker County Fair and Rodeo [Halfway]!

Jr Queen Jodi Miller  Hi, I'm a member of the Halfway Rodeo Court.  I am the oldest daughter of Tyler Miller and Rebecca Thorn-Miller and have two siblings, Kate and Paisley Miller.  I turned 15 on the second of March.  I will be starting my sophomore year of high school this fall and I am very excited.
   I am currently in 4-H, FFA leadership, class leadership, softball, volleyball, basketball, rodeo, OHSET, and JR AQHA.  I cannot wait to spend this year with Emma Gallimore, MaKenna Thomas, and Ellerie Waller.  I have been doing rodeo since before I could remember, and am excited to be a part of the 2024 Halfway Rodeo Court.  I have learned so much from last year and am ready to gain even more knowledge as the year progresses and help others learn to become a rodeo queen.
   I will be spending this year with my rodeo partners Ali and Annie.  They are both quarter horses but Ali is a bay whereas Annie is gray.  Some of my fellow royalty are in the spots that I do, so other than spending time with them while queening, I can also spend even more time with my friends and develop strong friendships with them.
Jr Princess Emma Gallimore  Hi, I am the 2024 Junior Princess for the Hells Canyon Jr Rodeo and Baker County Fair and Rodeo [Halfway].  I am 13 years old and in 7th grade at Pine Eagle Charter School.  I participate in FFA, volleyball, basketball, an I'm involved with the Timothy program at church.  My Parents are Dusty and Holly Gallimore.  I have 3 siblings, two sisters, and one brother.  My family has helped me to be able to be on rodeo court, especially my mom and dad.  My family and friends have helped me through the difficult times.
   When I first started riding I rode my dad's horse Hammer.  My dad and mom have helped me to become a better rider.
   This year I have the best horse that I'm starting to trust and bond with Wrangler.  He is a great quarter horse that I love.  I hope to trust and build a strong relationship with him.  So we can have a fantastic summer together with rodeos.  I also want to become more of a confident rider and become a barrel racer.  I can't wait to spend the rodeo court year with my three friends, Kodi Miller, Ellerie Waller, and MaKenna Thomas.  They supported me and helped me with everything.  I am happy to be on rodeo court with my three amazing friends.
   I love my court advisor Katy Thomas.  It is going to be a fun year with her.  She is there to talk us through the easiest and hardest things.
   I will become a good an responsible person for Hells Canyon Jr Rodeo and Baker County Fair and Rodeo [Halfway].  I hope to make many memories with my friends, family, court advisor , and my heart.  I am very glad to be a Jr Princess for Halfway Rodeo Court.