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Sign Up, Organization and Equipment Check
4:00 pm at Rodeo Arena 
Start Time - 5:00 pm in Rodeo Arena 

All Equipment Will Be Laid Out Separately & 
Individually as Per Diagram

Saddle & Pads, Pack Saddle & Pads
Panniers (Hard) 
Pack Cover
Lash Cinch & Rope
Axe & Shovel
Bed Rolls
Tent  Min. 8' x 10'
Team Pack Horse Race 
Saturday, August 31, 2024
General Rules and Regulations
1. Each team shall furnish their own livestock consisting of one (1) pack animal and two (2) saddle animals.
2. Teams will have acceptable and qualifying equipment as listed on the equipment list and diagram.
3. At the starting gate, the teams will lay out their gear, set up as a camp, and it will be inspected by the judges.  Stock will be loose in the arena 
at this point, the stock may be haltered or bridled at team’s discretion.
4. On the signal “Go” the time will be logged by the judges, and the teams at the starting gate can begin catching and packing the pack horse and saddling the saddle horses according to their own style and technique.
5. When the pack animal has been packed and saddle stock saddled, the team can move out toward the track.  
6. The team shall travel the entire lap around the track.
7. On arrival back at the campsite, each team will unpack the pack animal, unsaddle the riding stock and set up their camp. Stock may be cooled off by friends after being unsaddled by team members only.
8. In each tent the stove must be set up with burner and tank (no fuel please); the bedrolls or sleeping bags will be unrolled and placed in the tent; the axe, shovel, panniers, and saddles neatly placed to the team’s own choosing.
9. Teams must signal judges when finished. The campsite will be scored on a scale from one (1) to ten (10), 10 being the best, i.e. a score of 8 would result in the addition of 2 minutes to total time, 7 = 3 minutes, etc.
10. Entrants must finish with all their equipment that they started with.
11. Littering or unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.
12. Any deliberate violation of the contest rules will result in a five (5) minute penalty for each such violation. Excessive rule violations or poor personal conduct can result in the team being disqualified.
13. Axe and shovel must be visible and accessible, and useable, working tools.
14. In the event of any ties, the money shall be divided.
15. There will be a grievance committee composed of three judges. Any participant having a complaint will within 15 minutes of their finish time file a written statement with any member of the this committee. Forms will be provided at the Rodeo office and committee members will be in this vicinity.
16. Judges’ decision will be final.
Stock and Equipment
2 saddle animals
1 pack animal
Western stock saddle
Tehama or humane pack saddle – single or double rigged
Box panniers – full size wood or fiberglass or boxes in pack bags
Saddle pads or blankets required under all saddles
1 tent – 8 ft. by 10 ft. minimum size
1 camp stove – Sims, Coleman 2 burner, or equivalent size 
(no fuel)
1 axe – single bit (pole axe) type
1 shovel
2 sleeping bags or bed rolls
1 pack cover – 4 ft. by 6 ft. minimum size (canvas) must be used as pack cover
Tent ropes and other ropes as desired by contestants
No pre-tied hitches will be permitted
1 lash rope and cinch equipped with standard lash hook.

Pack Horse Race
For information call 

Megan Stacey 

 ~ Double Click on Entry Printable Form Below ~

2023 Pack Horse Race entry form