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Pine Valley Fair Assoc:
     Vice Pres. Dale Taylor

Livestock Superintendent:
Krischele Whitnah 541-519-2561

Exhibit Hall Superintendent/ Fair Manager: 
Mickie Fjeld 541-742-7552

Arts & Crafts Superintendent:
Mickie Fjeld 541-786-3863

Exhibit Booths Superintendent:
Linda Collier 541-742-2790

Floriculture Superintendent:
Debra Mader 541-742-4887

Fresh Foods Superintendent:
Donna Carter 541-742-5354

Food Preservation Superintendent:
Sharlene Curry 541-742-6273

Land Products Superintendent:
Pam Brisk 541-742-4071

Needlework Superintendent:
Kay Young 541-742-2428

Photography Superintendent:
William Jackson 541-742-7612

Panhandle Rodeo:
Doug Payton 541-742-4624

Open Jackpot Rodeo Events:

Arena Director:

Community Links
Pictures of the Baker County Fair & Rodeo Supplied by 
Steve Backstorm of the Hell's Canyon Journal & Timothy Bishop of Base Camp Baker
Thank You so Much!
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