All-Around Saddle Qualification Rules  

     To win the All-Around saddle, you must be entered in one of the Jackpot events and one of the ICA events in the Baker County Fair & Rodeo Halfway. Points accumulated from all events count toward the saddle. You can only keep high points in each event, except for the Jackpot and ICA Team Roping (You can only keep your high points in one of the Team Roping events, whether or not you place in both).   
     The only jackpot events that count towards the 
All-Around Saddle are Wild Cow Milking, Ribbon Roping and Team Roping.

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Baker County Fair & Rodeo Halfway
August 31 - September 2, 2024

August 15th is deadline to purchase ICA card for this rodeo
Sanctioned: ICA/Pro-West pending

Perfs: Saturday, Aug 31st @ 7:00 PM PDT, Pre-rodeo @6:00
Sunday, Sept 1st @ 7:00 PM PDT, Pre-rodeo @6:00
Monday, Sept 2nd @ 2:30 PM PDT, Pre-rodeo @1:30
Slack: None
Events: BB, SB, BR, RB @ $1000; TD, SW, WBR, BKR, TR (per side) @ $400; Novice BB, SB, BR $100 added
 Entry Fees: BB, SB, RB $80; BR $90; TD, TR $115; 
SW $110; WBR $85; BKR $100; Novice $45

Stock: Tri-State Rodeo Company
Secretary: Heather Paradis - 208-741-2510
EO: Monday, August 19 anytime until 6 PM MDT
Or call 208-845-2051, 10 AM – 6 PM MDT

Late entries will be taken for the benefit of the rodeo only
MUST enter through Rodeo Central.

Non-member fee is $30.00 per rodeo 
Must prepay with a card
CB: Tuesday, August 20, 5 PM – 6 PM MDT

The draw will be posted at 
prior to 5 PM Tuesday.

For trades and other questions call: 208-845-2051
Turnouts call: 208-899-0498

Notes:  Buckles in Main Events
Saddle for All-Around

Local Events – Ribbon Roping, 
Saturday Jackpot Team Roping & 
Wild Cow Milking will count for All-Around

Other local events - Mutton Bustin', Steer Riding 
Cow Hide Race, Jr Barrels 14 & under

Local Entries 
Open 08/16/2024 entries close 08/23/2024
Call Linda Miller @ 541-540-6114



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